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Kohima Sumit Das 139
The north eastern part of our country is blessed with such pristine beauty that one can only marvel at the sights the land has to offer. The physiography, the flora and the fauna of this corner of the country has a charm which is unparalleled no...
Guwahati Sumit Das 204
The Brahmaputra. One of the mightiest rivers of the planet. The cradle of civilisation in so many varied cultures begin on the banks of this river which makes it so much more than just a river. Talking about the north eastern part of our country,...
Guwahati Arnab Ghosh 161
The one horned rhino (rhinoceros unicornis) is among the important and popular wildlife species in India, beyond any doubt. A majority of rhinoceros population in India is found in northeast India- particularly in Assam. As per data obtained from...
Sendra Park
Imphal Staff Curator 75
By: KhutSem Live | Source: TouTube
Kohima Arnab Ghosh 196
Nagaland is a landlocked state located in north eastern India known for its amazing wildlife, indigenous tribes and natural beauty. Long standing political turbulence and clashes between the tribes hindered tourism potential of the state but things...
Dubai Staff Curator 34
The deep foundation testing for Dubai Creek Tower, which is set to eclipse the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure, was successfully completed last month as experts cleared the skyscraper’s complex design. Fugro, a Dutch multinational...
twin tower
Guwahati Staff Curator 415
The Assam government is in the process of setting up a Global Trade Centre in Guwahati as part of making it a “trade and business gateway” to Southeast Asia, Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal said. Participating in a roadshow ‘Advantage Assam’ to...
North East
Northeast Staff Writer 153
What did you say? Where are you from? North East India? With the mention of North East India, there comes along a lot of assumptions and misconceptions about it. The accent, the food habits, the edgy fashion sense, all these are often mistaken by...
Manipur Staff Writer 83
Manipur, meaning the Land of Jems, lies in the north-eastern part of India, bordered by the states of Mizoram, Assam and Nagaland in south, northwest and north, respectively. The state of Manipur shares its eastern border with the country of...
New Delhi Staff Writer 51
OMG! we have got freaking 16 this time! So, get on to vacation planning and ticket booking. Pre-planning never harmed anyone, has it? The bonus it provides: You save half your costing! Basant Panchami [[{"fid":"43133","view_mode":"default","fields...
Lohtak Lake
Imphal Arnab Ghosh 127
One of Manipur’s major attractions for tourist is the beautiful and vast Lohtak lake, also called Loktak Lake. The biggest freshwater lake in India, located in the state’s Bishnupur district is famous for its unique circular floating swamps known as...
Assam zoo
Guwahati Staff Curator 41
The Assam State Zoo and Botanical Garden is planning to bring a male tiger by air after a gap of almost a decade. Divisional forest officer of the zoo, Tejas Mariswamy, told The Telegraph that the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) has given the go-ahead...


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