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Boxanagar and Unakoti Hills – The Unexplored Heritage Destinations in Tripura

Dec 30, 2017 11:40
Boxanagar and Unakoti Hills

Every place has a story to tell. Every destination has a history that reveals much about the development of human civilization. It is these stories and revelations that make travelling all the more interesting. Northeastern part of India holds many such secrets and has destinations that will fascinate every traveller. Today, we are going to know more about Boxanagar and Unakoti hills, the unexplored and lesser known parts of Tripura.

Unakoti hills – a fascinating pilgrimage site

The exotic sculptured hills of Tripura. Image Courtesy:

The ‘lost hills of Unakoti’ is unlike anything you have ever experienced in your years of travelling through various parts of India. It is an experience that cannot be ever valued in terms of money. However strange it may seem, this place is hardly known to people, let alone it being one major tourist attraction.

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The word ‘Unakoti’ means one short of crore. Why the hills were named thus, has some fascinating stories associated with it. As you pass through the gates of Unakoti hills, you will feel like taking a step into a different world altogether. There are Shiva sculptures all across the hills and the number is close to unfathomable. As per the beliefs and sayings, there are 99, 99,999 Shiva deities carved into those hills that date back to between 8th and 9th century. There are quite a few fascinating stories as to why there are so many deities carved into the hills. One of them states that Lord Shiva and his entourage were passing through on their way to Kailash when they stopped there for the night. Shiva wanted to start early next morning. But his entourage overslept. An angry Shiva cursed them all to be there for eternity and thus, they adorn the hills today. Another version of story talks about Kallu Kumhar, a sculptor who had been tasked with the job to carve 1 crore deities of Shiva. However, he fell short by one deity.

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Whichever be the story, the place is certainly a fascinating place to visit.

Boxanagar and its Buddhist Stupa

The hidden archaeological wealth of Tripura. Image Courtesy:

There are many tales about the origin of Buddhism in India and each one is as much fascinating as the other. Boxanagar recently became one of the important parts of India in this regard when a Buddhist stupa dating back to the 6th century was discovered. Today it is among the most important archaeological sites in India. While you will not find much information on the place, the Buddhist stupa certainly is a fascinating place to visit, and that too within a really low budget.

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There are many such places across India that we hardly know of and yet will amaze us if we give them a chance. A trip need not always be to the most popular tourist destinations. A trip to such unexplored destinations of lost heritage can be extremely rewarding and fascinating.

Dec 30, 2017 11:40

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